Troop 505 Orange District Eagle Project Checklist

Troop 505 Official Eagle Project Checklist

Life Scouts are recommend to download and begin reviewing the documents posted at:


before your meeting with your Eagle Project Mentor.

Troop 505 is very much need mentors to help coach our Life Scouts on their Trail to Eagle.  Adults, if you are interested in volunteering in this way, please contact Scoutmaster West.

Online Resources

Orange District Eagle Board Web Site

Orange District Eagle Board Chairman’s Guide to Plan Approval

Occoneechee Council Life to Eagle Guide

2012 Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook 


___ Identify a beneficiary and project

___ Meet with Scoutmaster West to get approval to begin planning and
be assigned a mentor

___ Work with your mentor and beneficiary to complete the proposal (workbook pages 7-10 with attachments as needed)

___ Get Scoutmaster and mentor feedback on proposal and acquire local
signatures (workbook page 10)

___ Submit proposal to Mr. Reid for District approval and signature

___ Complete final plan with mentor and Scoutmaster/ASM support (workbook pages 11-16 with attachments as needed)

___ Complete project

___ Complete project report (pages 19-20 with attachments as needed)

___ Complete the Eagle Scout Rank Application

___  Request Eagle Letters of Reference

___ Complete Statement of Life’s purpose

___  Prepare a list of leadership positions you have held

___  Complete the workbook

___  Board of Review

___  Complete Eagle Registration Form


Define the project

Identify a project and a beneficiary for the project.  Get the approval of the beneficiary and Scoutmaster to proceed with the idea.  Planning and work on the project can begin as soon as the Scout reaches Life Rank.

The Workbook

This is where you record everything about your project.  At the completion of the project we will submit the workbook along with your application to the Council.

Carry out the project

As you carry out the project, you should keep track of the details of the project in your workbook.  Changes made during the project due to unforeseen circumstances MUST be recorded in your workbook.

Complete the Eagle Scout Rank Application

This application is filled out at the end of the project and submitted to the council.  There are six requirements:

1 – Be active in the Troop for six months after achieving Life Rank

2 – Request recommendations from several people who would be willing to attest that you live the principles of the Scout Oath and Law.  They should be given a letter of recommendation request and they will send the letter and the request to the Council.  List the names of these folks on the application.

3 – Note the badges that you have earned.  Use the dates from the Council database.

4 – Note the leadership positions you have held AFTER your Life board of review date.

5 – Complete your service project.  We’ll attach the workbook to this application

6 – Prepare a ‘statement of your ambitions and life’s purpose’ for your Scoutmaster conference.  Prepare a list of leadership positions held in various organizations.