Troop 505 God and Country Youth Religious Knot (6 of 7) Meeting Sep 28

Our next Troop meeting will be held September 28th  at the American Legion Chapel Hill Post 6. During this meeting we will continue work on our BSA God and Country Youth Religious Knot. Scoutmaster West will discuss the process to complete the BSA God and Country program and it will be up to the individual Scout to work closely with a mentor that shares their faith to actually complete the program. The God and Country is mostly a personal discovery of one’s faith centered around a series of written and creative exercises that will require 6-7 2-hour sessions alone, with your mentor and together as a Troop to complete successfully. The first of these 6-7 sessions was held at our Aug 3rd Troop meeting. This will be a significant commitment. I hope everyone will find this next meeting of value and work towards earning this honorable award. Fees for supplies and required materials will be around $10 per interested Scout.

Those Scout not interested in this Knot or those who already have this Knot should plan to work on the American Legion Lakeside Fishing Area Preservation Project. Those planning to work on this community service project should wear class B work clothing and bring a clean-up tool of their choice. Heavy-wieght gloves, a PFD and protective eyewear are required by all the participate lakeside. Small brush saws or clippers will be most useful at this project.