Troop 505 Official Quartermaster Register

A good Troop Duty Roster assigns equal work for everyone in the Troop. Done properly it will help maintain order, everyone will know their assigned duties and no Scout will have to worry that they are doing more than their share. Everyone will be assured the opportunity to be an active member of their Patrol.

The Troop 505 Duty Roster must be completed by the assigned Patrol 1 week prior to departure and approved by the SPL at least 72 hours prior to departure.

The Troop 505 Duty Roster is completed in two parts. The Duty Roster for the trip programming is completed by the Program Patrol assigned by the SPL. The Duty Roster for the trip service items are completed by the Service Patrol assigned by the SPL.

Upon completion of the Program and Service Patrol Duty Roster(s) the Quartermaster must confirm the Quartermaster responsibilities of the Duty Roster(s) are properly assigned and equipment is properly allocated by Patrol with the completion the TROOP 505 QUARTERMASTER REGISTER.

The SPL must approve the final Quartermaster Register 72 hours prior to departure.