Bryce Sensenig Learning Outside Bird Blind Eagle Project Jul 15

I am currently host my Eagle Project this Sunday July 15, at 1:00pm – 5:00pm.

We will be building a Bird Blind for a non-Profit organization known as Learning-Outside.  A Bird Blind is a structure that allows for people to look at birds while a wall (the bird blind) blocks any sounds made by the people looking at the birds.

I would like for the help of at least one adult and 3 others scouts to work on the project.

The Project will take place at my house on 1600 Halifax Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514.  Also, to get to my house you will have to go down the gravel road that is at the Halifax road intersection on Estes Drive.

Finally, I thank the people who have already volunteered to help and hope to see you there on Sunday.

Sincerely, Bryce Sensenig