Shotgun Merit Badge Requirements

1. Do the following:

a. Explain why BB and pellet air guns must always be treated with the same respect as firearms.

b. Describe how you would react if a friend visiting your home asked to see your or your family’s firearm(s).

c. Explain the need for and use and types of eye and hearing protection.

d. Explain the main points of the laws for owning and using guns in your community and state.

e. Explain how hunting is related to the wise use of renewable wildlife resources.

f. Successfully complete a state hunter education course, or obtain a copy of the hunting laws for your state, then do the following. 1. Explain the main points of hunting laws in your state and give any special laws on the use of guns and ammunition, and 2. List the kinds of wildlife that can be legally hunted in your state.

g. Explain to your counselor the proper hygienic guidelines used in shooting.

h. Identify and explain three shotgun sports. Identify places in your community where you could shoot these sports and explain how you can join or be a part of shooting sports activities.

i. Give your counselor a list of sources that you could contact for information on firearms and their use.

j. Do ONE of the following options:

Shotgun Shooting (Modern Shotshell Type) Option

a. Identify the principal parts of a shotgun, action types, and how they function.

b. Identify and demonstrate the rules for safely handling a shotgun.

c. Identify the parts of a shotgun shell and their functions.

d. Identify the various gauges of shotguns. Explain which one you would pick for use and why.

e. Identify and explain the fundamentals of safely shooting a shotgun.

f. Identify and explain each rule for safely shooting a shotgun.

g. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safely shoot moving targets, using the fundamentals of shotgun shooting.

h. Identify the materials needed to clean a shotgun.

i. Demonstrate how to clean a shotgun safely.

j. Discuss what points you would consider in selecting a shotgun.

k. Shooting score required—Hit at least 12 (48 percent) out of 25 targets in two 25-target groups. The two groups need not be shot in consecutive order.

Muzzle-Loading Shotgun Shooting Option

a. Discuss a brief history of the development of the muzzle-loading shotgun.

b. Identify principal parts of percussion and flintlock shotguns and discuss how they function.

c. Demonstrate and discuss safe handling rules of a muzzle-loading shotgun.

d. Identify the various grades of black powder and their proper use.

e. Discuss proper safety procedures pertaining to black powder use and storage.

f. Discuss proper components of a load.

g. Identify proper procedures and accessories used for loading a muzzle-loading shotgun.

h. Demonstrate knowledge, skill, and attitude necessary to safely shoot a muzzle-loading shotgun on a range, including range procedures.

i. Shoot a moving target with a muzzle-loading shotgun using the five fundamentals of firing the shot.

j. Identify the materials needed to clean a muzzle-loading shotgun properly and safely.

k. Demonstrate how to clean a muzzle-loading shotgun safely.

l. Identify the causes of a muzzle-loading shotgun’s failing to fire and explain or demonstrate proper correction procedures.

m. Discuss what points you would consider if selecting a muzzle-loading shotgun.

n. Shooting score required—Hit at least five out of 15 targets.