Troop 505 Featured In Numerous News Media Broadcasts Memorial Day Weekend

T505TVooka message from Lee Heavlin, American Legion Post 6

Media coverage of veterans in Chapel Hill this weekend has been remarkable!  Thank you to Troop 505 and the families for all of your help throughout Memorial Day Weekend.

We got 3/4 front page and above the fold in the Durham Herald Sun (and they wrote a second story on us and put it on the front page, too) and we are in Chapel Hill.  The N&O gave us coverage in two spots.

There has been some strong support for veterans in Chapel Hill these past few days and we received favorable mention on two television stations and both the News and Observer and Durham Herald-Sun.

Here are some links to just some of the many, many stories in print over the weekend. There are more coming and some will not be released until the local newspapers print their Wednesday editions.

The Herald-Sun gave us FIVE stories this week:  See:

Veterans care about other veterans:

World War II Remembered by Veterans

News Observer  Service shows need for Memorial

Television and radio coverage.

WTVD gave us all day coverage as a featured story!  They modified the story as the day went on.  All ere most impressive.  Great sound bites.

WTVD.  They sent a film crew to both the cemetery and the American Legion.  This was three hours on-site.  There are three videos.  Chapel Hill cemetery and Legion is one of them.

NEWS-14 Time Warner News set a film crew that spent two hours with us and broadcast live from the cemetery.  We were featured news from 6 a.m. to midnight with two 30 second to just over a minute twice each hour.  See:

WCHL and gave us a lot of coverage all day and days up to our event.  They also gave us print coverage on their website and has about 30 photos on line for viewing.

Chapel Hill Magazine

Saturday, May 25 Scouts decorating cemetery.

Events list for Memorial Day

The News and Observer also had a link to the memorial website for donations and I hope that this link helps us with our fundraising See: