Troop 505 Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser Sep 14

Scouting is Outinga message from the Flapjack Committee

On Saturday morning, September 14, Troop 505 will be holding a Flapjack Fundraiser at the Applebee’s in Durham. The restaurant will make the breakfast, but the scouts will seat, serve, and clean up after our guests. The scouts will sell tickets ahead of time for this event.

Every ticket sold generates approximately $5 into our scout accounts!

We will need all available scouts to make this fundraiser a success. If we have 15 scouts sell 10 tickets each, we will also need 13 scouts to work that morning (7-11am). Anyone who sells tickets or works that day, gets an even cut of the money in their account.

We realize there will be sports going on that day, or you might go to the Camp Boddie merit badge trip. This means if you want some of the money, you need to sell tickets! And if you hate selling tickets, you need to be working at the event! If you do neither, you get no money. If you don’t need any money, please consider helping anyway, and tell us privately to use the money for someone else.

Think about it. We’ll talk at the next troop meeting.