Troop 505 Ninja Aerobics Physical Fitness Workshop Aug 7

A Scout is Loyal-1Our next Troop Meeting will be held at the American Legion Post 6 on August 7th from 7-8:30pm.

It’s time for the long awaited Ninja Training!

We will be looking at some solid, fundamental defenses for the most commonly used attacks in a modern setting, learning some history, learning how to move and stay in perfect balance, and how to use an opponent’s balance against them. We will be training at less than full speed, in a safe, controlled environment. We might even do some awesome sneaky sword techniques. And to wrap it all up, Smoke bombs!

In ancient Japan, the Shinobi (ninjas) would take a oval clay or terra-cotta shell, fill it with flour, really fine glass, rocks, dirt, etc, and hold them in a little pouch in their jacket. When confronted, and wanting to avoid combat or confrontation, they’d crush it, and wipe the contents in the face, usually instantly blinding them. I’ll make some training ones (baked egg shells and baby powder), for you guys to throw at me. Won’t that be fun?

In conclusion, we hope everybody is able to make it. If all goes well, Spencer will be more than happy to hold a second seminar for the people who didn’t/couldn’t make it!

Please come in your Class B and be prepared for a major workout.