Troop 505 Hammocks Beach Expedition Specs Oct 4-6

Men of TomorrowOVERVIEW

Troop 505 will head to Hammocks Beach to enjoy the seashore and work on requirements for the astronomy and hiking merit badges.  Scouts will spend Friday night at Hawkins Creek and travel by Ferry on Saturday morning to Hammocks Beach State Park. Scouts will take a 10 mile hike on Saturday to fulfill part of a hiking merit badge requirement.  Scouts will relax on the beach on Saturday afternoon and work on astronomy merit badge later in the evening.  The Troop will depart Sunday morning and return to Chapel Hill with an estimated arrival of 1pm.


Travel:  18-24

Lodging:  10-16

Food:  $21

Miscellaneous: $5 (cost to ride ferry from inland to island)


Scouts will want to pack proper equipment for a 10 mile hike.  Refer to the Troop 505 website for the 10 hiking essentials.  Scouts will also want to bring things for astronomy merit badge and hanging out at the beach.  Weather forecasts for this weekend show sunny weather on Saturday with a high in the low 80’s and a low in the high 60’s.  Sunday has a 30% chance of rain.  Scouts should be prepared for a possible rain shower.  Scouts should pack their Class A uniforms for Scouts own and for Matt’s Eagle ceremony on Sunday afternoon.


Friday October 4th, 2013

5pm- depart from Chapel Hill American Legion, eat dinner on the road.

8:30pm- arrive at Hawkins Creek Campground, 252 Reid Acres Lane, Hubert, NC, 28539, set up camp

10:00pm- lights out.

Saturday October 5th, 2013

8:00am- Reveille, eat breakfast in patrols, breakdown camp

9:00am- depart for Ferry

9:30am- take ferry to Hammocks Beach

10:15 am- arrive at camp site, set up camp,  depart for 10 mile hike

1:30pm- finish hike, eat lunch in patrols

2:00-5:00pm- enjoy hammocks beach

5:00pm dinner in patrols

6:45-9:00pm work on astronomy merit badge

9:00-10:00pm night walk on beach

10:00pm lights out

Sunday October, 6th, 2013

7:00am-Reveille, breakfast, break down camp

8:15am- scouts own, load gear in vehicles, drive to ferry

10:00am- take ferry to main land

10:30am- drive back to Chapel Hill

~1pm- arrive at Chapel Hill American Legion, head to Matt’s Eagle Scout ceremony.