Troop 505 Tenderfoot Personal Fitness Workshop Feb 12

To Keep Myself Physically StrongTroop 505 has scheduled a professional fitness instructor to counsel any Scout interested in earning the Personal Fitness Merit Badge or complete the Tenderfoot Fitness Requirements. The counselor is planning to attend the February 12th Troop meeting from 7-8:30pm to review progress on requirements.

PLEASE WEAR YOUR CLASS B TO THIS TROOP MEETING and come prepared to exercise.

Any Scout interested in working with the Personal Fitness counselor must read the BSA Personal Fitness Merit Badge Pamphlet, have a complete BSA Health Form B signed by their physician and complete requirements 1-5 (in preparation for a discussion with the counselor), prior to our Troop meeting.

If the counselor feels the Scouts has successfully completed the requirements 1-5 for the Personal Fitness Merit Badge, we will begin working on requirements 6-7. The Personal Fitness Merit Badge Workbook can be found at

We will complete the first section of the Tenderfoot Fitness Requirements by recording your best in the following tests:

Current results

Push-ups ________

Pull-ups ________

Sit-ups ________

Standing long jump (______ ft. ______ in.)

1⁄4-mile walk/run _____________

Prior to starting the Fitness Requirements our Trail to Eagle Scouts will be teaching the following Tenderfoot Rank Requirements #5, #7-#9 and #11:

5. Explain the rules of safe hiking, both on the highway and cross- country, during the day and at night. Explain what to do if you are lost.

7. Repeat from memory and explain in your own words the Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan.

8. Know your patrol name, give the patrol yell, and describe your patrol flag.

9. Explain the importance of the buddy system as it relates to your personal safety on outings and in your neighborhood. Describe what a bully is and how you should respond to one.

11. Identify local poisonous plants; tell how to treat for exposure to them.