Troop 505 Theater Merit Badge (1 of 3) Workshop Oct 8

The Campfire StoryDuring our next Troop Meeting at the American Legion Post 6 on October 8th from 7-8:30pm, we will start work on our requirements for the BSA Theater Merit Badge over three (3) sessions during our regular scheduled Troop meetings.

Please try your best to attend if you are interested in completing this Merit Badge. And please remember to purchase your Theater Merit Badge Series Pamphlet the next time you are at the Scout Store.

During this Troop meeting we plan to complete:

4. Mime or pantomime any ONE of the following, chosen by your counselor. a. You have come into a large room. It is full of pictures, furniture, and other things of interest., b. As you are getting on a bus, your books fall into a puddle. By the time you pick them up, the bus has driven off., c. You have failed a school test. You are talking with your teacher, who does not buy your story., d. You are at camp with a new Scout. You try to help him pass a cooking test. He learns very slowly., e. You are at a banquet. The meat is good. You don’t like the vegetable. The dessert is ice cream., f. ou are a circus performer such as a juggler, high-wire artist, or lion tamer doing a routine.

5. Explain the following: proscenium arch, central or arena staging, spotlight, floodlight, flies, center stage, stage right, stage left, stage brace, stage crew, cyclorama, portal, sound board.

6. Do two short entertainment features that you could present either alone or with others for a troop meeting or campfire.