Troop 505 Theater Merit Badge (3 of 3) Workshop Dec 10

The Campfire StoryDuring our next Troop Meeting at the American Legion Post 6 on December 3rd from 7-8:30pm, we will continue working on our requirements for the BSA Theater Merit Badge over three (3) sessions during our regular scheduled Troop meetings.

Please try your best to attend if you are interested in completing this Merit Badge. And please remember to purchase your Theater Merit Badge Series Pamphlet the next time you are at the Scout Store.

During this Troop meeting we plan to complete:

1. See or read three full-length plays or scripts. These can be from the stage, movies, television, or video. Write a review of each. Comment on the story, acting, and staging.

2. Write a one-act play that will take at least eight minutes to perform. The play must have a main character, conflict, and a climax.

3. Do THREE of the following: a. Act a major part in a full-length play; or, act a part in three one-act plays., b. Direct a play. Cast, rehearse, and stage it. The play must be at least 10 minutes long., c. Design the set for a play or a production of a circus. Make a model of it., d. Design the costumes for five characters in one play set in a time before 1900. e. Show skill in stage makeup. Make up yourself or a friend as an old man, a clown, an extraterrestrial, or a monster as directed., f. Help with the building of scenery for one full-length play or two one-act plays. g. Design the lighting for a play; or, under guidance, handle the lighting for a play.