Troop 505 Hemric Scout Reservation Mountain Man Expedition Apr 18-19


Troop 505 will travel to H. Clay Hemric Scout Reservation located on an island in Kerr Lake.  Scouts will take a motor boat to the island and camp at the reservation’s lodge house and eat in the mess hall that includes a kitchen.  Scouts will get to practice several survival and scout skills that may be handy in the upcoming District Camporee in May of 2015.  The troop will also do a service project by helping to repair a damage water pipe.  The service project could lead to scouts working on plumbing merit badge.  Learn more about H. clay Hemric scout reservation at

Learn More about Kerr Lake (John H. Kerr Reservoir, also known as Bugg’s Island Lake) at


Food: $12-15 Camping: $5-6 Miscellaneous (boat fee):  estimated $450/number of scouts attending Car Transport:  $8-10


Scouts will only eat 3 meals on this trip: Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast. Scouts will have access to the kitchen at the Hemric Reservation and will prepare meals in the kitchen.  Scouts should bring their mess kits for dining.


Scouts will stay inside the Hemric Reservation Lodge and will not need tents.  Scouts will want to bring a sleeping bag and ground pad.  Scouts will want to dress appropriately for the service project (work clothes that can get dirty) and will want a spare set of clothes to change into after the service project.  Scouts may want to bring work gloves if they have them and wear boots and a second pair of footwear to change into after the service project.  Scouts should also bring ample water containers as well.  Class A uniforms will be used for Scouts Own service on Sunday Morning.  Scouts will also want to bring items for the “Mountain Man” skills challenge in which scouts will have an opportunity test their scout and survival skills.  Scouts will want to bring a pocket knife, rope, and compass if they have them.  Matches and other survival equipment will be useful tools to help in the challenge.  What is in each scout’s survival kit?  Scouts should think and prepare for the challenge. The weather forecast indicates that it may rain on both Saturday and Sunday.  Low temperatures are estimated to be in the low 60’s at night and in the high 70’s during the day.


Can you start a fire using a soda can, chocolate, some cloth, and some tinder?  

ITINERARY (estimated times)

Saturday April 18, 2015  

8:00am depart American Legion

9:30am arrive at boat rental facility

10:00am travel to island

10:30 arrive at Hemric Reservation on Island

10:45 begin service project

12:30-1:15pm- lunch

1:15- continue service project if not finished before lunch

~2:00pm-5:00- Mountain Man challenge

5:00-6:45 Cook Dinner and clean up

6:45- TBA scoutmaster/scout game/campfire?

9:30pm- pack up most of gear for early departure 10:00pm lights out

Sunday April 19, 2015

8:00 wake, pack up gear

8:30 breakfast

9:00 scouts own

10:30 depart for marina

11:00 arrive at marina, pack up vehicles, return boat

11:30 depart for American Legion

12:00 eat lunch on the road

2:00 arrive at American Legion


From American Legion to 1192 Occoneechee Park Road, Clarksville, VA 23927-9449 (66.2 miles each way.  Estimated travel time of 1 hour 17 minutes.