Troop 505 Pioneering Camporee Campsite Gateway Planning Meeting Jan 27


The Campfire StoryAs part of the Shakori District programming for Boy Scouts attending this years Camporee on April 29th – May 1st, our PLC has decided our Troop will be constructing an awesome Camporee Campsite Gateway (using Pioneering techniques, of course). Participation in this construction will be a significant part of your competion of the Pioneering Merit Badge. The Gateway has been designed by our Camporee Chief and the supplies will need to be collected, planned, constructed and delivered to the Camporee Campsite where the final Gateway will need to be built. Each Scout will be issued their role in construction during this meeting. As we get closer to Camporee a detailed plan will be distributed.

We will use our March 2nd  from 7-8:30pm Troop meeting at the American Legion Post 6 to refresh the entire Troop on Pioneering Lashing Skills so we are prepared for the Camporee Pioneering events.

If there are any Troop 505 ASM’s or Senior Scouts that have a passion for pioneering and will be willing to help out with this program – teaching the Merit Badge and supervising the Camporee Campsite Gateway construction – please respond ASAP so I can make sure we will have the proper leadership committed.