September 6th Troop Meeting

I hope to see you all tomorrow night at 7pm for our first meeting of the 2017-2018 Scouting year! It has been a nice and busy summer and I am looking to get the troop organized for the upcoming scouting season.

I have two major things planned for this meeting:

  1. Make sure we all are up-to-date on all requirements needed to complete any unfinished merit badges or rank requirements.
  2. Finalize the troop calendar for at least up-to the end of December… and hopefully for the entire year.

To accomplish these two objectives I will need something from everyone (both scouts and parents).

Please bring:

  • Your scout handbooks and any materials you have been working on for rank advancements/merit badges
  • Your calendars that have any important dates (like school closings/breaks, when is the new Star Wars movie coming out?..etc)
  • Any ideas of trips, activities, or places to see that would be fun
  • Your wants & wishes of what merit badges you would like us to work on this year (or willing to teach)
  • A willingness to make this years scouting program awesome!

I have a pretty good list of awards and merit badges that everyone gave me over the summer and some great ideas of how to fit most of them into our calendar. I also have most of the dates of council and district events and youth & adult training sessions throughout the upcoming year.

Lets kick off this season with planning for a fun and productive year.
“If you fail to plan….you are planning to fail.  -Benjamin Franklin”

p.s. There will be NO PLC tomorrow night.

Keith J. Wetzel