Troop 505 American Legion Community Service Work Day Sep 7

So Much ConcernOur First Troop meeting for for the 2016 school year will be from 7-9pm on September 7th at the American Legion Post 6.

During this meeting we will be performing various community service activities for improving the American Legion grounds. Please come prepared to work on everything from weeding the flag ceremony area, to edging the sidewalks, to cleaning the up the trash, to clearing the lakeside.

Bring all the necessary tools from your home that might help us imrove the Legion grounds. Make sure to bring goggles, hard toed shoes and gloves for your safety. Do not wear your Class A’s as we will be getting dirty this day. Looking forward to seeing the entire Troop ready to serve our Chartering Organization, the American Legion Post 6


Troop 505 Bolin Creek Watershed Big Sweep Oct 11

So Much ConcernThis is one of the Big Sweep events that we’ve done every year. It’s a worthy cause, we have a good time, and we get a free lunch!

Please email Jon Candelaria by this Wednesday (Oct. 1) if you’re interested and he’ll turn in all of our names for registration.

They ‘validate’ service hours for High School!

Carrboro Recreation and Parks (Bolin Creek Watershed)
Saturday, Oct 11, 2014 9am-noon
Ages: 8+
Meet at the Century Center (100 N. Greensboro St., Carrboro)
Contact Julie Collins 919-918-7392
The morning will consist of cleaning up trash and recycling debris left around Carrboro and our parks. Adults are encouraged to participate! Youth’s time and effort will be acknowledged through certificates, and t-shirts as well as service learning hours. Free t-shirts for the first 50 registered participants. Lunch provided for all volunteers!

Lee Franklin Ephesus Elementary School Eagle Project Aug-Sep Workdays

Scouting is Outinga message from Lee Franklin

Hello everyone,

I am starting my eagle project on Saturday, August 16th. We will be building picnic tables with laminated tops for Ephesus Elementary just down the road from my house. My home address is 1905 Ephesus Church Road and everyone interested in helping should be there by 12:00pm. The workdays will be August 16th, 23rd, 30th, and September 7th, and 14th. If needed more work days will be added.  For safety you will need to bring gloves, eye protection, and closed toe shoes. Thanks for listening guys and I hope to see you all on the 16th.

-Lee Franklin

Andrew Hodson Genesis Farm Eagle Project Aug Workdays

So Much Concerna message from Andrew Hodson concerning upcoming Eagle Project workdays

Andrew Hodson Eagle Project Workdays
Genesis Farm 1878 Genesis Farm Road Chapel Hill

Aug 1 10-4, Aug 2 10-4, Aug 3 2-6
Aug 8 10-4, Aug 9 10-4, Aug 10 2-6

Project will consist of: removing overgrown weeds and trimming trees around pool fence, replacing chain link fence, clearing debris & removing pool liner.

Please wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and closed toe shoes. Bring any gardening shears/tools and work gloves you may have.

Lunch will be provided.

Please notify me at as soon as possible if and when you are able to help so we have plenty of food!

(Qualifies for high school service hours)

Thank you,

Troop 505 Andrew Hodson Genesis Farm Eagle Project Workday Jun 18

So Much Concerna message from Andrew Hodson, Life Scout, Troop 505

My eagle project will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18th at 1:00pm-7:00pm at Genesis Farm. We will be meeting at the American Legion for car pooling at 12:30pm. I will be needing as many adult leaders as I can and as many scouts as I can. There will be music and snacks – you may also bring your own. Please bring gloves and plant clippers as well as shovels and wheelbarrows. Thank you all who show up. Please RSVP to Andrew if you are able to attend.

Troop 505 American Legion Flag Retirement Ceremony Tenderfoot Flag Etiquette Class Mar 12

We Too Have a Job to doOur next Troop Meeting will be held at the American Legion Post 6 on Wednesday, March 12th from 7-8pm.

During this Troop Meeting we will be having our Winter American Legion Flag Retirement Ceremony.

We will also take the time to teach the proper flag etiquette to our Tenderfoot Scouts for their rank requirements.

Parents, Siblings and Friends are encouraged to attend.

Weather permitting, our Flag Retirement Ceremony will be lakeside at the American Legion centered around a campfire where we will have the honor of retiring over 100 American Flags for Chartered Organization, the American Legion. The Flag Retirement Ceremony will be rescheduled 24 hours prior should the weather not be suited for such a ceremony.

Troop 505 Official American Flag Retirement Ceremony

An American Flag retirement ceremony for Scout group campfires
Scouts stand in flanking line on one side of fire. MC stands at rear of fire facing audience, asks audience to stand. Color Guard (3 scouts minimum) will approach fire from rear of audience, walk past line of Scouts, then stop at rear of fire facing audience.

Color Guard slowly unfurls flag on far side of campfire so it shows through the flames while MC reads.

MC: “I am your Flag. I appear in many places. I have taken many forms and been called many names. I was authorized by congress in 1818 in the form you see now and have remained unchanged except to add a new star each July 4th after a new state joined the union until I reached my present number of 50.”

“I am more than just red, white and blue cloth shaped into a design. I am a silent sentinel of freedom. People of every country in the world know me on sight. Many countries love me as you do. Other countries look at me with contempt because they don’t allow the freedom of Democracy that I represent — but country looks on me with respect. I am strong and the people of America have made me strong. My strength comes from your willingness to give help to those who are in need. You strive for world peace yet stand ready to fight oppression. You send resources and offer technology to less fortunate countries so they may strive to become self-sufficient. You feed starving children. You offer a home to anyone who will pledge allegiance to me.”

“Your sons gather beneath me to offer their lives on the battlefields, to preserve the Liberty I represent. That’s why I love the American people. That’s why I have flown so proudly.”

“Scouts and their families are some of my favorite people. I listen to your patriotic songs. I’m there at your flag ceremonies and I appreciate the tender care you give me. I feel the love when you say your pledge. I notice that your hand covers your heart when I am on parade. How smartly you salute as I pass by and I ripple with pleasure when I see it.”

“Now I am tired and it’s time for me to rest in the Sacred Flames of your campfire. My colors are faded and my cloth is tattered but my spirit remains unbroken. To set my spirit loose, first cut the blue field away from my stripes.”

MC pauses. Color Guard leader uses scissors to remove blue field.

MC: “Tear each of my 13 stripes and lay it on the fire, one at a time. As you do this, think about the 13 original colonies and the pioneers who carved a nation out of a wilderness. They risked everything to fight for the Independence which we enjoy today.”

Color Guard leader uses scissors to start each stripe, then tears it; another Guard hands each stripe to the next Scout waiting in line. Scout takes stripe in both hands, then walks toward fire, places stripe in base of flames, salutes, then walks to form flanking line on opposite side each facing fire.

MC: (continue slowly reading through next section, timing each state to a fresh stripe) “My first state was Virginia, then Massachusetts, then New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and finally Georgia.”

“As you cut and rip me apart and watch me burn, do not be sad or feel sorry for me. I have had the great Honor of being your flag of the United Stated of America and the Republic for which I stand, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

MC: “When my stripes are gone, kiss the blue field and lay it across the fire. Then stand silently as you watch each star twinkle and fade into ashes.”

Color Guard leader takes blue field, bring it to his lips, then lays it on the top of the fire. Pause silently until blue field has been consumed.

“Now I am just a memory, but if there is a tear in your eye or a lump in your throat; if you felt a shiver in your spine as you watched me burn, then I will be back the next time you need me and my colors will be fresh and bright and my edges won’t be ragged anymore. When I climb to the top of the flagpole, I’ll wave at you and remember the love and respect that you have showed me here tonight.”

“And now Scouts, families, Citizens – Good night.”


Troop 505 Chad Lynn Culbreth Fitness Area Restoration Eagle Project Mar 15

To Keep Myself Physically Stronga message from Life Scout Chad Lynn

The last day of my Eagle Project will be Saturday March 15th from 9AM to 4PM. Bring work gloves and shovels and rakes if you have them. Lunch, drinks, and snacks will be provided. Meet at Culbreth Middle School by the football fields. The address is: 225 Culbreth Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. E-mail me at or for any questions.

American Legion Post 6 Antique Fair Volunteers Needed Mar 28-29

Scouting is OutingThe American Legion will be holding a big antique fair this spring at the post to raise funds.  It will be held on March 28th and 29th between 8am and 5pm. They will need about sixteen young men to volunteer help direct parking and show people where to go, We are expecting a very large crowd.

Please Contact Lyle Miller @ 919-241-4740 or to sign-up and volunteer.



Many select Antique Dealers anticipated offering you a wide variety of period as well as primitive furniture. Objects of glass, jewelry, linens, signs, bottles (Coke/Pepsi/dispensary), bric-a-brac, toys, pottery, vintage hardware, pictures/frames/ clothes, household items – kitchen utensils, work shop tools, antique architectural building materials, furniture built from reclaimed old wood, and ephemera – but no collectables produced after 1964 – we are not catering to flea market items.