Troop 505 Turkey Trot At UNC To Benefit Homeless Veterans Nov 11

posted by VFW Post 9100 and American Legion Post 6

Mark your calendars and spend Veterans Day on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The students are sponsoring a Veterans’ Day Turkey Trot. Registration starts at 9 a.m. on November 11th and the run begins at 10 a.m.

We have partnered with the UNC Campus Recreation Department and our American Legion brothers to make this event possible. Bring a large can and make an even bigger difference

Participants can run for 5K or walk a mile.  This is open to everyone and many have already registered.  Our post is partnering with the UNC Campus Recreation Department to sponsor this event.

The fee to participate is canned food!  You drop off canned and other non-perishable food and the food covers your entry fee.  All of the food will be received by veterans from our post and from the Durham Rescue Mission.  The Durham Rescue Mission is now serving 50 veterans in transition.  They are outstanding supporters of the homeless and needing in our area.  Learn more

Let’s be generous with our cans.  When you are in Walmart, Kroger, Sams Club, Harris Teeter or Food Lion, look for the large number 10 tins.  There is a great need to fill the mission’s pantry.  They are feeding a lot of people every day. They are not just caring for them on a holiday.

A copy of the event flyer can be downloaded here.  View Turkey Trot Flyer

For all event details, including parking directions and how to register for the event, please visit

If you are interested in participating in this event as a group please RSVP Scoutmaster West at

Bryce Sensenig Learning Outside Bird Blind Eagle Project Jul 15

I am currently host my Eagle Project this Sunday July 15, at 1:00pm – 5:00pm.

We will be building a Bird Blind for a non-Profit organization known as Learning-Outside.  A Bird Blind is a structure that allows for people to look at birds while a wall (the bird blind) blocks any sounds made by the people looking at the birds.

I would like for the help of at least one adult and 3 others scouts to work on the project.

The Project will take place at my house on 1600 Halifax Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514.  Also, to get to my house you will have to go down the gravel road that is at the Halifax road intersection on Estes Drive.

Finally, I thank the people who have already volunteered to help and hope to see you there on Sunday.

Sincerely, Bryce Sensenig

Troop 505 American Legion Post 6 Memorial Day Weekend Services

a message from Lee Heavlin, American Legion Post 6 Commander

I have distributed two press releases on Memorial Day to local media.  This information is shared with you as a friend of American Legion Post 6, Chapel Hill.  One is from the VFW covering the cemetery events (Saturday, May 26th and Monday, May 28th, and one is from the American Legion covering Memorial Day, May 28th.

We have been very fortunate with local media coverage.  Last year the Saturday morning cemetery event was covered by NC-14.  They did about six interviews and broadcast all of them.

If any participant would like to provide me with any special information that I  might be able to use during interviews or referrals, let me know.  I get inquiries from the media where they want to talk to participants and groups.  They are looking for stories.  Don’t be bashful.

At the end of the press release are links to both the American Legion and VFW’s news blogs.  If you have not visited them, please do.   Follow-up stories and photos of activities will  appear on the two blogs.  VFW blog items are distributed state-wide and on FaceBook.  Some of the stories go VFW nationwide.

Again, thank you for your continued support of this annual event of the Chapel Hill American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

American Legion Press Release Memorial Day 2012

VFW Press Release Grave Decorations Announcement 2012

Attached are the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars news releases for ceremonies at Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery, Saturday, May 26th and throughout Memorial Day Weekend.

Troop 505 Memorial Day Services at the American Legion Post 6

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND AT THE LEGION:  Troop 505 needs volunteer scouts to help out the Legion over the Memorial Day Weekend.  We need volunteers to place flags on individual gravesites in Memorial Cemetery Saturday, May 26th, 6:30 AM – 8 AM, and to be Color Guard (2-3 scouts) for the Memorial Service Monday May 28th at 11 AM.    Any scout interested, please give your name to Catherine Parker,, or 919-619-0554.  An announcement of these opportunities will be made, and an agenda for the Memorial Day Weekend activities will be handed out, during the next troop meeting May 9, 2012.

Troop 505 Carolina Theater Community Service Project May 11

Some of you expressed interest in helping out with ushering the performance at Carolina Theater  5:15-8:15 pm on May 11th ,which is a performance Aladdin for the special needs community. We need 2-6 mature scouts in Class A uniform to meet at the Carolina Theater to help seat people with physical and mental disabilities.  This performance is free and your parents taking you can attend the performance without a ticket  (I’m pretty sure of that). Some of you are getting this email because you are older scouts and I talked to you at last night’s meeting about “checking availability with your parents”. Mr. Rodriguez agrees with me that everyone on this email list is capable and mature enough to be an usher for this worthwhile occasion. Please email me to confirm that you checked with your parents and you can meet our host (Mrs. Alyssa Rodriguez) at Carolina Theater  in Durham on May 11 at 5:15 pm.  Further details will then follow.   Don’t feel bad if you cannot make it  – – just let me know. Thank you for doing this community service.  Remember – its Class A!

Troop 505 Special Olympics Volunteer Support Apr 14

Scouts and parents in Troop 505 who volunteered for Saturday April 14th.

The schedule for what everyone is assigned to do for the Special Olympics swim meet this Saturday the 14th is attached in the document from Colleen Lanigan.  The job of timing lanes was broken down into  morning or afternoon shifts and everyone in our troop is scheduled 11:30-4 pm (the afternoon). Everyone is sharing the timing of a lane with someone else.  The 4 Eakers have Lanes 1 and 2;  Jose and Eli are timing Lane 3;  Me and Lex are timing lane 4;  Noah and Jonah are timing lane 5, and the 4 Emslies are doing Lanes 6 and 7.

Please don’t panic if you cannot be there the entire time, but definitely let me know by email or by Wednesday’s meeting and we will find 505 scouts or friends to fill in the holes.   Honestly, 1 adult can handle one lane if a scout can’t be there due to a conflict.    Lanes 1,2 and lanes 6 and 7 are less crowded and don’t have swimmers all the time.  I will try to find more help this Wednesday to fill in holes if people/kids can’t make it for the entire 11:30 – 4.  I’d rather try to make this work rather than contact Colleen.  As director, she has her hands completely filled and surely the scouts can take this lane timing off her hands.

As the attachment message says,  we meet at the Sportsplex at 11:30, sign in, get a T shirt, and transition and learn from the morning lane timing group on what to do in your lane.      Dress for very HOT indoors.  Shorts, T shirt (provided,  and shower shoes or bare feet are the best.

Scoutmaster West has a work day  scheduled also at the American Legion that day, and he is aware of, and supportive of, this Special Olympics conflict.

If you have any questions please contact our Troop 505, Public Service Chair, Cathy Parker at 919-619-0554.

a message from Colleen Lanigan, Coordinator, Special Olympics Orange County

Thanks to each of you for volunteering at our upcoming aquatics qualifier this Saturday, April 14 at the Triangle Sportsplex in Hillsborough. You made my job so easy, just having to work with a few youth groups instead of dozens of individuals.  I still do have a list of individuals who may be interested, but if your members are still committed, I think we are looking very good.

We partner with the state office to host this meet where athletes are hoping to qualify for Summer Games in June.  The state office has committed to securing all day event volunteers for staging and awards, as these are places that can get very tricky and backlogged with half-day volunteers.  We did assign the majority of the St. Mary’s school students to awards in the morning to get them up and running, and several of the afternoon St. Thomas More teens to staging as it will be beyond chaotic by that point.  The majority of volunteers I assigned to timing.  In the event we have no-shows or extra-shows (sometimes happens!), we can rearrange to make sure all critical positions are covered.

Below and attached are the assignments. Please let me know if I have missed someone on the list you submitted to me, or if you know of a change.  I still hope to add a few people to registration to free me up, and to lunch unless the Rainbow girls are able to bring more of their group along.  The end of the swim meet is a bit undefined; 4p is usually a safe bet.  The meet should end by 3 if all runs as planned, and then we offer the opportunity for athletes to reswim events that they are disqualified from. We never know exactly how many athletes will need the opportunity to reswim an event in order to qualify for state competition.

Please arrive promptly for your shift. Everyone should check in at the  registration table (generally inside the pool).  You’ll need to sign in and get a t-shirt.  We’ll divide you into your various groups and explain how things will run. The morning shift is the most chaotic with all the delegations coming in at the same time to register their athletes. Orientation for morning volunteers is at  8:15a. Morning shift people will train their afternoon shift replacements to help at the mid-day transition.

Dress for hot, hot and hot!!!! The indoor of the pool gets exceedingly humid and hot!!! SONC will provide some t-shirts for volunteers to wear, so don’t worry about what to dress in except casually and for HOT!  Awards volunteers will be outside in the parking lot adjacent to the side door at the pool, so dress for Saturday weather conditions.

If anyone wants to help unload the vans any earlier than your shift start at 8a, please feel free to come early!  I’ll be there by 7am.

The meet will take place at the Triangle Sportsplex in Hillsborough. These are the driving directions from Chapel Hill, you will have to adjust for all the various places I know you are coming from. To get there, take 86N from Chapel Hill into Hillsborough (this is 7.5 miles from I-40). At the stop sign, turn right onto Business 70. Proceed 0.5 miles to Meadowland Drive and turn right. Triangle Sportsplex is the first building on your left. If you are coming from I-85 instead, take exit 165 and turn left (if coming from Efland/Mebane) and go until you come to the stop sign and proceed as above.  101 Meadowlands Dr, Hillsborough, NC  27278.  919-644-0339.

My cell phone number is 919-632-5351 if you have any emergencies on the day of the event and need to reach me. We have a ton of very excited Special Olympics athletes raring to go. We will have 15 of our own Orange County swimmers there who are non-stop on my phone with enthusiasm for the big meet.

I really look forward to seeing all of you this Saturday. Colleen

Special Olympics Orange County Triangle Area Aquatics Qualifier Saturday, April 14th, 2012

1. Setup:  7:00-8:30 am (need 2+ volunteers) Unload SONC van with equipment and meet needs.  Fill up drink coolers with ice/water.  Set up lunch room.  Support SONC staff in setting up staging area and other needs. Volunteers:  Rainbow Girls (Amy Daniel, Note: all 8a volunteers need to help SONC out as they check in

2. Registration: 7:45-9:00 am (need 2-4 volunteers) Register teams, check medicals, register volunteers Volunteers: open

Registration: 11:00-12:00 pm (need 1-2 volunteers) Register afternoon shift volunteers, direct to correct supervisor for afternoon shift change Volunteers: open

3. Lunch: 11:00 – 1:30 pm (need 4-6 volunteers) Fill coolers with ice and Gatorade, assemble and distribute lunches Volunteers:  Rainbow Girls and open

4. Timers (need 2/ln per shift volunteers; 34 total)

Head Timer: 8:00 – 12:00 pm (supervises all other timers) Volunteer: SONC will provide

Head Timer: 11:30 – 4 pm (supervises all other timers) Volunteer: SONC will provide

Lane 1: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: Angelina Olson and Grace Madigan (St Thomas More, Beth Gunn,

Lane 1: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Clint and Chris Eaker (Troop 505, see Cathy Parker)

Lane 2: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: Margaret McFarland and Kara Kimple (STM)

Lane 2: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Janet and son Eaker (Troop 505)

Lane 3: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: Jenna Tan and Jackie Kirsch (STM)

Lane 3: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Jose Smokowski and Eli Parker (Troop 505)

Lane 4: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: Matt Pudlo and Josh Morgenlander (STM)

Lane 4: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Lex and Cathy Parker (Troop 505,

Lane 5: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: St Mary’s students (2)

Lane 5: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Jonah and Noah Wyche (Troop 505)

Lane 6: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: Rainbow Girls

Lane 6: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Andrew and Bob Emslie (Troop 505)

Lane 7: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: Rainbow Girls

Lane 7: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Mrs. and Anna Emslie (Troop 505)

Lane 8: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Volunteers: Rainbow Girls (or open??)

Lane 8: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: Joseph Tanas and Pete Morello (STM)

5. Lane Support (need 2-3 per shift)DQ Runner: 8:00 – 12:00 pm (take disqualifications to data entry, results to awards) Volunteer:  Rainbow Girl (Amy’s daughter)

DQ Runner: 11:30 am – 4 pm (take disqualifications to data entry, results to awards) Volunteer:  Peter Wohl (, Brendan Stewart (STM

DQ Distribution: 8:00 – 12:00 pm (manage DQ table, sign up for reswims) Volunteer:  Rose Gunn (STM)

DQ Distribution: 11:30 am – 4 pm (manage DQ table, sign up for reswims) Volunteer:  Rose Gunn (STM)

6. Staging/Athlete Escort (need 10+/shift; 20 total) Manage staging area by announcing which events are being called to staging area, place athletes in appropriate seats in order of events and lane assignments, escort athletes to race start. John King and Becky Campbell – SONC volunteer leaders (

Shift 1: 8:00 – 12:00 pm Volunteers: SONC will fill

Shift 2: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: SONC will fill; STM students (Clare Doyle, Sofia Rivera, Fiona McGuire, Sean Purner)

7. Awards (need 3-5/shift; 10 total)

Shift 1: 8:00 – 12:00 pm Volunteers: SONC will fill; Knights of Columbus and St Mary’s school (Ann Bonner-Stewart,

Shift 2: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteers: SONC will fill; Knights of Columbus

8. Misc Support

Data Entry:  enter race results into SONC laptop

Shift 1: 8:00 – 11:30 am Volunteer: SONC will fill

Shift 2: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteer: SONC will fill, Medical: be available to provide first aid as necessary

Shift 1: 8:00 – 11:30 am Volunteer: SONC will fill

Shift 2: 11:30 am – 4 pm Volunteer: SONC will fill

9. Cleanup (3:30 – 4:30/5 pm) (need 2-4) Help load SONC vehicle with equipment, pick up trash from bleachers and lunch area, put away chairs/etc.

Orange District American Legion Good Turn Merit Badge Pow Wow Apr 14

Our spring session for the Occoneechee Council Orange District Merit Badge Pow Wow will be sponsored by the American Legion Chapel Hill Post 6 and will be held at 1714 Legion Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27517 on Saturday, April 14th from 9am-3pm.

The Pow Wow will offer Scouts (4) Merit Badge options and (1) BSA Special Honors Series: Citizenship in the Community, Home Repairs, Landscape Architecture, Painting and the “Good Turn Woodsman Series” (Leave No Trace Award, Totin’ Chip, Firem’n Chit, and Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award). Any Scout that attends the the Pow Wow, brings the required pre-reqs and successfully completes all the requirements with the Merit Badge Counselors the day of Pow Wow, will earn their selected Merit Badges or “Good Turn Woodsman Series” honors.

A Scout may select only one (1) session, each session will last the entire 6 hours starting at 9am and ending at 3pm with a 30 minute lunch break from 12-12:30pm. The cost per Scout is $20 to cover lunch, which will be supplied by the American Legion. All proceeds from this event will go to the American Legion Post 6 Preservation Fund. Any registered Boy Scout may attend the Orange District Merit Badge Pow Wow, sessions will be limited to ten (10) Scouts and will be filled on a first come first serve basis with session priority given to Orange and Mawat District Boy Scouts who send in application to Council by April 1st.

Not only will attending Scouts earn their selected Merit Badges or “Good Turn Woodsman Series” honors, they will participate in various community service projects that will benefit the Veterans of our American Legion Post 6 in Chapel Hill. The American Legion has long been a long-time, strong supporter of Scouting activities within our community, this is our day to give back. All Scouts are encouraged to attend, not just those seeking merit badges. There will be plenty of community service hours to go around.

Saturday registration begins at 8:30am, the Pow Wow will start promptly at 9am, please try your best to be on time.


Troop 505 Artie Franklin Memorial Service Nov 5

Troop 505 has been invited to have a key role in Artie Franklin’s Memorial Service on Saturday, November 5th, 3pm at River Park in downtown Hillsborough at 106 East Margaret Lane, located alongside the Eno River behind the Orange County Justice Facility.

Troop 505’s attending Scouts will do a double-flag presentation, where our Scouts will walk two US flags into the Memorial Service, have a moment of silence, then fold the flags and present one to Lee and one to Aaron. Following the presentation our Senior Patrol Leader, will say few words about Artie’s dedication to Scouting and it’s principals. This ceremony is based on the military flag presentation protocol for soldiers, but we will customize this ceremony for Scouts.

We started  this practicing this ceremony at our November 2nd Troop meeting. We will also practice on Saturday prior to the Memorial Service at 2pm. If you would like to be a part of this special ceremony, please plan to  attended the 2pm practice session on Saturday, November 5th, at River Park in downtown Hillsborough followed by the Memorial Service at 3pm.

Full and complete Boy Scouts of America Class A Uniforms will be required to participate in the ceremony. Long pants, neckerchief, Scout hat and dark shoes/boots are all required. You are welcome to wear your Merit Badge Sash or your Order of the Arrow Sash, if you desire.

Troop 505 Big Sweep Bolin Creek Clean Up Oct 23

Troop 505 is signed up to participate in Big Sweep on Sunday, October 23rd at Bolin Creek from 10 am-12 noon. We will meet at the Rainbow Soccer Fields. Parking is on McLeland Drive (off of 15-501).  If your scout is staying without you, please provide a permission form. The town representative provides trash bags.  Please wear old long sleeves, long pants, closed shoes.  Bring work gloves and the signed permission form.  There will be extras at drop-off on the day of the event, and there will be permission forms at the next several scout meetings.  Please give those forms to Cathy Parker (919-619-0554,

For further questions or information about Big Sweep, go to the Town of Chapel Hill.

If Sunday is a bad day for any scout and his family, please consider helping out at the following two cleanups on Saturdays.  I was asked by the town to spread the word that these clean ups could use some help.  The particulars and contact information are provided below.

Saturday, October 15, 2011  9am – Noon 

Cleanup on Morgan Creek.  Contact Johnny Randall at 919-962-0522. Meet at NC Botanical Garden parking lot gazebo.

Saturday, October 22, 2011  9am – Noon

Carrboro Recreation and Parks Make a Difference Day! Cleanup will be in downtown Carrboro. Contact Julie Collins at 919-938-7364.

Orange District Annual NC Fall Big Sweep Participation Plan

a message from Terry Hackett our Orange County NC Big Sweep Coordinator

CLICK HERE for information about this year’s annual NC Big Sweep fall cleanup.We are doing it a little differently this year with no real centralized event but multiple events to choose from starting on September 17th.

The attached press release provides details on the various events and contacts.If you are a unit in the Hillsborough area and can’t make one of the scheduled events but still want to participate, please email me at

and I can arrange for supplies and possible locations.  For instance, our troop will be doing a clean up in early October.This year marks NC Big Sweep’s 25th anniversary and we are shooting for 25,000 volunteers statewide.  Clean up’s can be scheduled between now and the end of October to count towards our goal.

I hope that all units in Orange District will participate.