Troop 505 Camp Daniel Boone Summer Camp Planning Meeting Jul 13

The ScoutmasterOur next Troop Meeting is scheduled for July 13th from 7-8:30pm at the American Legion Post 6 in Chapel Hill. During this meeting we will continue planning for our upcoming Camp Daniel Boone Summer Camp. Please bring all supplies you require for Summer Camp to this Troop meeting. Our Troop trailer will be at the meeting and we will start packing the trailer for our trip next Sunday.

Troop 505 has confirmed Camp Daniel Boone as the destination for our 2016 Boy Scout Summer Camp. We will be in the Chippewa campsite from July 24th untill July 30th. Anyone planing to attend Summer Camp must attend this meeting.

The 2016 Camp Daniel Boone Merit Badge Program includes: Indian Lore, Leatherwork, Geology, Nature, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Space Exploration and Orienteering (just to name a few). While in camp, our Scouts will select up to six (6) Merit Badge sessions per week.

To find out more information visit:

Troop 505 Crabtree Lake Sailing Expedition Jun 18

b922dd8eb8f176f0daf19a981113ae93Saturday June 18th – Crabtree Lake- 1400 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560

Time: 3pm- rent boats at 4pm- 6pm we will provide hot dogs etc.- meet near the boat rental building.  Participants under 16 may need a parent to sign for boat rental.  We will have another boat to use if we miss a signature.

Purpose: Learn about sailing sunfish boats.  Small boat rental fee.  Other boats are available- canoes and kayaks.  Welcome to bring your own boats. Beach volleyball

Troop 505 Lake Norman Motorboating Expedition Specs Jun 10-12


Troop 505 will head to Lake Norman for a fun weekend of boating and water sports.  Lake Norman is a favorite local destination for many people in the Charlotte Area.  Learn more about Lake Norman State Park at:


Food : $24 (all meals camp meals plus one travel meal) Travel: $7-9

Campsite Fee: $4-6


This trip will be Troop 505’s first “summer” campout of the year.  Temperatures are heating up and scouts must prepare for variable weather conditions. Scouts will want to bring the 15 camping essentials listed on the Troop 505 website.  Scouts will also want to bring swimming gear (including a towel), hiking gear (possible short day hike), and the all-important cook wear. Please consider the campsite is a short distance walk from the parking area – so plan to have everything you need for the weekend fit into your backpack. Lastly, scouts will need their class A uniforms for the Scouts Own on Sunday morning.


$16/scout (Friday Snack: $2, Saturday Breakfast: $3, Saturday Lunch $3, Saturday Dinner: $4, Sunday Breakfast: $4).


Friday June 10th:

6:00pm: depart from American Legion

8:30pm: arrive at Lake Norman State Park

8:30-9:30pm set up camp and dine in patrols

10:00pm lights out

Saturday June 11th:

8:00am Wake

8:00-9:00am breakfast by patrols

10:30-12:00pm scouts on the water: boating, water sports, fun

12:00pm-1pm lunch in patrols

1:00-4:30pm scouts return to water

4:30-5:30pm scouts prep for dinner

5:30-7:00pm dinner by patrol

7:00-7:30pm clean up

7:30pm TBA by scoutmaster

10:00pm lights out

Sunday June 12th:

8:00am wake

8:00-9:00am breakfast by patrols and break down camp

9:00am scouts own (class A uniforms)

9:30am depart for American Legion

12:00-12:15am Arrive at American Legion

Travel Information

Lake Norman State Park Primitive Group Campsite #E 

759 State Park Road, Troutman, NC 28166

Troop 505 Laughing Thunder aka Dylan West Eagle Ceremony Jun 8

Spirit of AmericaOn Wednesday, April 24, Troop 505 will meet at Jordan Lake State Park, Vista Point Recreation Area, Shelter 7 (near the boat ramp) for Dylan West’s Eagle Ceremony. Vista Point Recreation Area is located at 2498 North Pea Ridge Road in Pittsboro, NC 27312 about one (1) mile south of NC-64.

The reception will start at 6:30pm and will include plenty of delicious food, drinks and snacks. The ceremony will run promptly from 7pm – 7:45pm. Class A required.

If weather does not permit an outdoor ceremony an announcement to be made 24 hours prior.

Those Scouts already notified as taking active part in the ceremony, please be at Shelter 7 no later than 30 minutes to reception (practice session for participants will be 6:00 – 6:30 pm).


Once the Eagle Ceremony is complete, we will spend the remaining portion of the meeting planning our next Troop expedition.

Troop 505 Spirit Warrior aka Lee Franklin Eagle Ceremony Jun 1

We Too Have a Job to doOn Wednesday, June 1st, an Eagle Court of Honor will be held for Lee Franklin at the American Legion in Chapel Hill.

The ceremony will run promptly from 7:00-8:00pm. Class A required.

Those Scouts already notified as taking an active part in the ceremony, please be at the Legion no later than 30 minutes prior to the ceremony (6:30pm) to review logisitics of the program.

Once the ceremony is complete, we will spend the remaing portion of the Troop meeting planning the upcoming Troop expedition.

Troop 505 Lake Norman Motorboating Expedition Planning Meeting Jun 1

Scouts of Many TrailsOur next Troop meeting will be at the American Legion Post 6 this Wednesday, June 1st from 7-8:45pm. The meeting will start with Lee Franklin’s Eagle Ceremony at 7pm. Following the ceremony, at 8pm, we will continue planning our next Expedition scheduled for June 10th-12th.

We will will be finalizing all plans for our Lake Norman Motorboating and Water Skiing Expedition due to the lack of interest in our previously planned trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Any person(s) who have previously commited to this revised trip (last count was 8 interested Scouts) or if you are planning on attending this new Lake Norman Expedition, you are required to attend this Troop Meeting.

Troop 505 Great Smoky Mountain National Park Expedition Planning Meeting May 25

Carry OnOur next Troop meeting will be at the American Legion Post 6 this Wednesday, May 25th from 7-8:30pm.

We currently do not have enough Scouts interested in attending this trip to make the trip feasible and cost effective for those interested. If you are interested please attend this next Troop meeting. If we do not have the minimum Scout count we will resort to organizaing our plan B, Wilson Creek 2-day Expedition.

If our count goes as planned, we will will be finalizing all plans for our 4-day 3-night Great Smoky Mountain National Park Expedition currently scheduled from June 11th-14th. Any person(s) planning on attending the 4-day Great Smoky Mountain National Park Backpacking Expedition are required to attend this Troop Meeting.

If you want to find out more about our destination, check out:

Troop 505 Spring Court of Honor May 18

Tomorrows LeaderOur next Troop Meeting will be held at the American Legion Post 6 on Wednesday, May 18th from 7-8:30pm. During this Troop Meeting we will be having our Spring Court of Honor.

Parents, Siblings and Friends are encouraged to attend.

Weather permitting, our Court of Honor will be lakeside at the American Legion centered around a campfire where we will have the honor of retiring American Flags for our Chartered Organization, the American Legion.

The Court of Honor will be rescheduled 24 hours prior should the weather not be suited for such a ceremony.

Troop 505 Elections May 18

I Will Do My BestTroop 505 will hold its annual Troop Elections Meeting at at the American Legion Post 6 Chapel Hill on May 18th from 7-7:30pm. During this meeting will will update all Patrol rosters, we will elect our new Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, our new Patrol Leaders and new Assistant Patrol Leaders. Following Patrol Leader elections our new Senior Partol Leader will appoint Troop Leadership Positions.

If you are interested in any Troop 505 leadership positions please come to this Troop meeting with a 5 minute speech prepared describing why you feel you would be best suited for your desired office.

Patrol Meetings will follow our scheduled Troop Elections from 7:30-8:00pm.