Our Camping Trips

October 2022: Carolina Beach State Park and Rafting on the Cape Fear River

Just cruisin’ along

Bringing it in.

Takin’ a break along the Cape Fear.

Watch out for the rock (or is that a croc?)!

Exploring the lost island.

Yep, he’s levitating that trunk.

Intrepid explorers.

Nothing like relaxin’ at Carolina Beach after a long day canoeing on the Cape Fear!

What campout would be complete without s’mores?

July 2022: Summer Camp at Camp Daniel Boone and Rafting on the Pigeon River

Hangin’ in Booneville
Ahh – pickle juice to heal that sunburn
Gettin’ ready for rafting
YES! Rafting on the Pigeon River!
What a blast!
Yes – catching that current!

March 2022: Canoeing & Camping at Merchant Millpond State Park

The sun starting to set
Is that an alligator or a log?
Weaving between the Cypress trees.
Canoeing through the forest
What could be more enjoyable?
Just catching some rays
Watch out for that canoe ahead!
Breaking for lunch
The forest in the lake
Hope he keeps his balance!
Sun setting on Day 2
Sun setting on Day 2

February 2022: Hiking & Camping at Eno River State Park

November 2021: Hiking & Camping on Falls Lake

October 2021: Canoeing on the Haw River

September 2021: Umstead State Park

Disc Golf
Around the campfire

July 2021: Camp Durant Merit Badge Camp

Winners of the Paddleless Canoe Tug-o-War
Preparing for Tug-O-War
Preparing to SPAM toss
Slinging food
Our Mascot: Gerry

May 2021: Day Hike and Cookout at Umstead Park

October 2020: Fitness and Orienteering, Carolina North Forest

August 2020: Umstead Park (Socially Distanced) Hike

November 2019: Hiking/Camping at Falls Lake State Recreation Area

October 2019: Sailing School Weekend at Bow to Stern on Smith Creek off Neuse River

June 2019: Summit Bechtel Scout Camp

April 2019: Camping on Shakleford Banks

March 2019: Leadership Skills Development at Eno River

February 2019: Hiking at Hanging Rock

October 2018: Hiking at Pilot Mountain