Board of Review


The Board of Review is an important time in rank advancement. It gives our Scouts an opportunity to present themselves in front of some adults that they may not know that well, and practice good interviewing skills that will come in handy in the future. We all need to be reminded of the importance of this step in the advancement process.

To emphasize Troop 505’s belief in the importance in this step we ask adults and scouts alike to follow these requests:

1. A BOR will be scheduled after your Scoutmaster conference with the Troop Advancement Chair or Troop Committee Chair.

2. The Troop Committee will try it’s best to make this convenient and during our regular Troop meeting times.

3. The Scouts and adults BOR volunteers should make every effort to be on-time.

4. The Scout should present himself to the BOR in full scout uniform (if possible – not required – including his up-to-date Merit Badge Sash).

5. The Scout should bring with him a short written “resume” to help the adults direct their questions. This resume should include: name, age, grade, school,Merit Badges earned for current rank, a brief description of service project (if required), a brief description of leadership role filled (if relevant). The “resume” could include: Suggestions to improve the Troop, Leadership positions held outside of Scouts, sports involvement or academic subjects of interest (the point of the resume is not that it be critiqued or graded, but that the adults have a little information about the scouts in order to facilitate meaningful conversation).

Thank you for your support and respect of our Troop Board of Review policies.


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