Patrol Leader Induction

Troop 505 Official Patrol Leader Induction Ceremony

As the Leader of My Patrol 

I WILL lead my Patrol by my initiative and my personal example, in Scoutcraft knowledge as well as in Scout Spirit.

I WILL plan, with my Scouts, the Patrol’s activities–meetings, hikes, Good Turns, special projects–and will carry them out to the best of my ability.

I WILL qualify to take my Patrol hiking and Camping.

I WILL train my Assistant Patrol Leader to lead the Patrol in my absence, and give each of the other Scouts a chance to do some leading in the Patrol.

I WILL keep well ahead of my Patrol in advancement, and will help my Scouts to advance by training them and examining them in Scout Requirements.

I WILL set an example for my Patrol by wearing my Scout Uniform at all Scout activities, and will urge my Scouts to do the same.

I WILL be responsible for the routine business of the Patrol attendance, dues, and the like–but will get some other Patrol member to keep the records.

I WILL make a special effort to be a friend to each Scout of my Patrol, and to know his home, his parents, his school or work, so that I may truly be able to help him.

As a Leader in the Troop 

I WILL faithfully attend all sessions of the Patrol Leaders’ Council to receive training for my job and to do my part in planning the program of the Troop.

I WILL represent my Patrol at Patrol Leaders’ Council, bringing before the Council the wishes of my Patrol, and taking back to my Patrol the decisions of the Council.

I WILL promote the whole-hearted, punctual and well-disciplined participation of my Patrol in all Troop activities.


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