In preparation for any Troop Weekend Campout please review the following Weekend Campout Checklist. Troop 505 Scouts should always be prepared with The Fifteen Weekend Campout Essentials while camping (your Patrol leader will be checking).

1. Shelter: Tent max 2 lbs per person, Tarp.

2. Navigation: Map (w/protective case), Compass or handheld GPS.

3. Hydration: Water bottle w/water, Water filter (only if required).

4. Fire: Matches or lighter, Fire starter w/ waterproof container.

5. Tools: Boy Scout Handbook, Backpack (25% of weight), Pocket knife and/or Multi-tool, Duct tape, Bandana, Rope or string.

6. Illumination: Headlamp or flashlight, Extra batteries.

7. Hygene: Soap and Towel, Tooth brush and  toothpaste, Deodorant.

8. Bedding: Sleeping Bag, Closed-cell foam sleeping pad, Energy bars or trail mix.

9. Nutrition: Six (6)  planned meals, Extra day’s supply of food.

10. Food Preparation: Compact Stove, Fuel, Cookware, Knife, Spoon, Fork, Mess Kit (w/ cup, plate and bowl), Airtight food containers, Brillo/scrub pad.

11. Emergency Preparation: First-aid kit (see First-aid checklist), Reflective blanket, Whistle, Medication.

12. Insulation: Boy Scout Uniform.

In warm weather: Wicking T-shirt x2, Wicking underwear x2, Quick drying pants/shorts x2, Long-sleeve shirt, Insulating jacket or vest.

In cool weather: Wicking T-shirt x2, Wicking underwear x2, Quick drying pants/shorts x2, Wicking long-sleeve T-shirt x2, Wicking long underwear, Synthetic or wool knit cap, Glove, Insulating jacket/vest/pants (fleece).

13. Rain protection: Waterproof rain jacket with hood, Waterproof rain pants or Poncho, Gaiters.

14. Sun protection: Sunscreen and lip balm, Skin-shielding hat and clothing, Sunglasses (optional).

15. Proper footwear: Boots or shoes suited to terrain, Synthetic or wool Socks x2.

Other than The Fifteen Weekend Campout Essentials (although not required), you should consider bringing the following: Water sandals, Multifunction watch w/altimeter, Camera, Binoculars, Trekking poles, Field guide(s), Insect repellent, Camp stool, Toilet paper, Trowel, Two-way radios, Cell phone, Extra cash, Trash Bag, Notepad w/pencils and Itinerary.

Note: For your first campout, just bring as much of the following equipment as you already own or can borrow.  You will need a sleeping bag and a closed-cell foam camp sleeping mat right away, but try not to buy any other new equipment until you have been on a couple campouts and had a chance to talk to your Scoutmaster about what to buy.

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